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35% in 11months

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Still on growing your income…..

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LDP 8.0 EXPLORE is a Real Estate investment initiative that involves the acquisition and development of a large expanse of land for building, ownership, and profit maximization.

*Cambridge Dictionary defines Landbanking as,
*A way of making a profit through buying a portion(s) of land(s) and selling at higher prices to generate profit.*

Landbanking Development Project is a secured and reliable Real Estate investment platform established by ZYLUS GROUP INTERNATIONAL and managed by one of its subsidiaries, Zylus Investment Limited.

For almost three years, it has served the investment and property development needs of investors and has become the go-to platform for smart investors.
We started with LIP 1.0 and now we’re are on LDP 8.0, and we have been able to help investors grow their wealth and make their money work for them.

Are you thinking about investing in Real Estate to earn high Returns in Investment (ROI), create wealth, and secure a future for yourself and your family? Then, don’t look too far!

Landbanking Development Project is all you need! It is a secured and reliable platform that allows you to make your money work for you and enhance wealth creation.

With different durations to choose from, Landbanking allows you to earn:

35% Return on Investment for 11 months.
15% Return on Investment for 6 months.

For instance, if you invest ₦10,000,000 for a duration of 11months, you get to earn ₦3,500,000, Return on Investment, which would be paid at maturity in addition to your invested capital, which amounts to ₦13,500,000.

Fill a form (online or offline).
Make payment.
Send the duly completed form and evidence of payment.
Payment Receipt sent to your mail.

To guarantee the safety of your investments and put your mind at ease, investors get the following security documents upon investing:

A Post-dated Cheque(Confirmed before lodgement).
Investment Certificate
Deed of Agreement (Property Allocation To Hold)
Insurance Certificate

We are registered and licensed Real Estate company with the Corporate Affairs Commission (RC1668319), and the Lagos State Real Estate Regulatory Authority (PERMIT: BOS/1000040/2020).
We are also insured and we can guarantee that your invested funds would be used for property development only.

To get started on LDP today, call or send a WhatsApp text to 08030564502

Invest in LDP today and UPGRADE EASY WITH ZYLUS……

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